Mind HK decided on the Move It for Mental Health campaign, to encourage better mental and physical health. We hope you, your company, friends, family, your gym, and more, will join us in helping create a healthier 2020 for all.


“Exercise More” more tops New Year resolution lists globally, yet we tend to overlook the many mental benefits it brings. While the many physical benefits of exercise are known, this campaign asks you to exercise for both your physical and mental wellbeing and to be aware of the difference it makes. Last year we tracked miles and this year we’re tracking time to encourage you to MOVE IT for mental health by logging all forms of physical activity and working out for 30 minutes per day every day in the month of February 2020.  


Mental and physical wellbeing are codependent, yet over half of the Hong Kong population does not achieve the recommended level of physical activity. This is a significant problem among youth as well. The World Health Organisation recommends at least one hour of moderate to vigorous exercise per day for young people aged 5 to 17; only 4.7% of Hong Kong’s youth achieves this much physical activity.

Mind HK 誠意邀請您參與我們第一次舉辦的2020 “Move it for Mental Health”。「多做運動,活得健康」是很多人的新年目標,但很多人未必考慮到運動給心理健康帶來的好處。雖然人人都知道運動對身體好,我們希望挑戰您比平常更多的運動,讓你認識到這對於「身」「心」兩者都能帶來好處。去年我們紀錄你的運動距離,今年我們將會記錄你的運動時間,鼓勵大家透過記錄所有形式的運動,並在2020年2月每日運動30分鐘,為心理健康MOVE IT! 



Key Goals of Move It for Mental Health:

  1. Raise awareness of the benefits of exercise on our mental wellbeing

  2. Jump start and support increased physical activity in 2020

  3. Raise awareness of and fundraise for Mind HK


‘Move it for Mental Health’的目標:

  1. 提升公眾意識,認識運動對於心理健康方面帶來的好處

  2. 鼓勵人們在2020年多做運動

  3. 支持及為Mind HK籌款

Join Move it for Mental Health:


Register to work out for 30 minutes every day in February (from Feb 1 - Feb 29 2020): https://forms.gle/nb7BMMxfsHmQU2sN7


Walk, run, swim, dance, cycle, stretch. We will signpost you to events and ideas across the month that can help you move more.


Add your activity to Hong Kong’s collective total by logging minutes spent moving (available soon).


Tell others, post social media #moveitformentalhealth or #moveithk and spread the word to encourage more people to get involved.

Learn more about about how individuals, companies, gyms, and schools can get involved here. If you'd like to host an event or learn more, please email fill out this form or email carol.liang@mind.org.hk.

參加‘Move it for Mental Health’:

1. 參與:


2. 運動!


3. 記錄:



請在社交網絡用 #moveitformentalhealth 和 #moveithk 鼓勵大家參與。


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