Exercise everyday for 30 minutes in Feb 2020 for your mental well-being.

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Move It for Mental Health is Mind HK’s campaign to raise awareness of how exercise benefits your physical and mental health.  Mental and physical health are closely linked, but more than half of us in Hong Kong do not achieve the recommended amount of daily exercise.  While the many physical benefits of exercise are known, this campaign asks you to exercise for both your physical and mental wellbeing and to be aware of the difference it makes. Mind HK wants to support you and jumpstart improving your health in the New Year! Join the challenge to work out for 30 minutes every day in February (Feb 1 - Feb 29 2020).

為精神健康 Move it 是 Mind HK 的公眾運動,希望大眾提高運動對「身」「心」健康的益處的意識。 「身」「心」健康息息相關,但仍有超過一半的香港人沒有達到日常建議運動量。 大家都知道運動對身體帶來的許多益處,這次的挑戰希望您為「身」「心」健康而運動,感受它所帶來的不同。 Mind HK 希望在新的一年裏支持您,並改善您的健康狀況!一起挑戰在2月(2020年2月1 - 2月29日)每日運動30分鐘。



We are looking for individuals, schools, companies, gyms, studios, fitness professionals and others to move it for mental health and partner with us. 

我們歡迎任何個人、學校、公司、健身房、工作室、健身專業人士或其他人士,在2020年 2月 期間一起參與 為精神健康 Move it

Safety Precautions: Move it for Mental Health 


At Mind HK, safety is always our top priority. Given the flu season and Coronavirus outbreak, we ask all Move it for Mental Health participants to take extra safety precautions during this time. When participating in an external event, please refer to the studio or gym's policies and precautionary measures or contact them directly. If you do not feel safe attending a class, please remember that there are alternative ways to keeping active. At all times, we encourage you to take extra precautions: wash your hands before and after working out, do not attend a class if you feel unwell, clean surfaces before and after use, and wear a facial mask when in the community or in crowded areas. 


Please note that the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has temporarily suspended all recreation and sport programmes. We will continue to track government recommendations and ongoing circumstances - we urge you to keep up to date as well. Further information on the coronavirus can be found on the Centre for Health Protection and WHO's websites below: 




We apologise in advance if any events or classes have to be cancelled in response to this situation. However, we do believe that no matter what, all of us need to keep active for both our physical and mental well-being - this can involve going for a walk on a trail or doing a workout at home. We will continue to advocate for this throughout the month and will be promoting resources on how to keep active during these times. Should you have any questions, please email our Communications Manager, Carol, at carol.liang@mind.org.hk

安全預防措施:為精神健康Move It


在Mind HK,安全永遠是我們的首要考慮。就近日流感高峰期及新型冠狀病毒爆發,Mind HK 就此呼籲「為精神健康Move It」的參與者要時刻注意安全及做好防疫措施。在參與對外活動時,請參照健身室或工作室的政策及防疫指引,或直接與他們聯絡。如果對進行運動課感到不安,請謹記還有其他途徑可以保持運動。我們建議您時刻謹記要採取額外的預防措施:在運動前後要洗手、如感到不適請不要上課、使用健身儀器前後也要清潔表面、在身處於人多或室外空間時請戴口罩。







Mind HK就所有因疫情而取消的活動及課程道歉。但我們仍然相信,無論如何我們也要為「身」「心」健康而保持運動—例如是到戶外散步、或在家中運動。我們在這個月仍會繼續鼓勵大家每日運動,並提供有關在這些時候繼續保持運動的資源。如有問題查詢,請以電郵聯絡Mind HK Communications Manager,Carol Liang (carol.liang@mind.org.hk)。


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